Our History 本會歷史


  • 1972 年開始在家庭聚會,名為「美利濱華人基督徒團契」。
  • 1973年7月,開始於Kew聚會,為配合當時從東 南亞來的華僑學生及移民,所以用粵語及普通話聚會,成為墨爾本第一間雙語聚會的教會。
  • 因聚會人數增長,於1985年9月購置及遷入現今教 堂聚會。
  • 1987年為了操英語的下一代,開始英語部聚會。
  • 1991年復活節在 Kew 教堂開始客語崇拜。
  • 1995年初開辦中文學校。
  • 1997年11月為配合教會之聖工發展,開始粵語及 普通話分語聚會,成為今天頌恩堂有四種不同語言聚會的教會

Our History

  • 1972,we started out as a family gathering service called “Melbourne Chinese Christian Fellowship”
  • July 1973, in Kew, the church became the first bilingual Church service using Cantonese and Mandarin in Melbourne to minister to the congregations which includes immigrants and overseas students from South East Asia
  • September 1985, because of the growth of congregation, the church purchased the new premises in Glen Iris which is where we currently hold our English, Mandarin and Cantonese Sunday Worship Services.
  • 1987, we started our English Service to minister to the next generation of English-speaking congregation
  • 1991, on Easter Sunday, we started Hakka Service in Kew to minister especially to the Hakka and Mandarin speaking congregation
  • Early 1995, we started Melbourne Chinese Christian Church Chinese School
  • November 1997, due to the growing number of congregation speaking Mandarin or Cantonese, the Church changed from a bilingual service into separate Mandarin Service and Cantonese Service. From then onwards, the Church has four different languages worship services.